The village produce show

A highlight of the year…big veg

loads of jams….

and look at the DEDICATION that has gone into these onion ties…
But in spite of a clutch of rosettes and certificates this year was a terrible disappointment to our family…..Normally we sweep the floor but we don’t know the organisers this year, except to say “oright” to

In spite of being up to the usual first prize standard, Sally’s  vegetable sculpture didn’t get a look in

Most gruelling for me was not getting a mention for my entry into the”digitally enhanced photo” category. Last year the winner was a photo of a row of houses and this year they chose a photo of two smiling boys dressed in detective outfits…..I didn’t even get a post it note with an encouraging comment……This is the third year I have entered a ‘dog woman’. I will not be disheartened…..
The black and white version features in Liquorice Number Three

Collections in Prague

We went to ‘The Choco Story”, the Chocolate Museum…in Prague!

Some packaging with lovely swirly type and patterns…

Actually the largest collection of chocolate wrappers in the WORLD is in Prague, collected since 1964 by a Mr Kramsky (125 000 wrappers from 5 300 companies, 130 countries)
And some of them right here in the museum… lucky was that…
If I collected something with such enthusiasm I think it would have to be dog poo bags. We particularly liked the ones available in Prague…. 
I’m not so sure about the instructions though…
And when I got home I realised we already have started the collection. Here’s one from Italy I think…
A curious illustration with the dog’s back leg, but what neat instructions with neat little round poos as if it’s for collecting rabbit droppings.