Our Designer Chapel

Our home was featured in The Saturday Times Magazine on 19 Jan 2013
The feature was written by Vinny Lee and the amazing photographs were taken by James Balston.  His website is worth a visit if you like photography of interiors and you can see some of the other stunning shots he got of the chapel that day. John and I enjoyed chatting to them over lunch on the day they spent up here styling and photographing. Notice our dog Holly who insisted on being included in the piece! I have listed the Chapel on air bnb for anyone who fancies booking it for a relaxing break in the countryside. It’s a great venue for a family or group of friends. Sleeps 7 comfortably. Here’s the link

And here is the feature…times_1_lowtimes_2_lowtimes_3_low

On 4 Feb 2013 John and I were invited to be interviewed on the Melvyn Prior Show on BBC Radio Lincs. You can listen to it here

Barcelona in August 2011: The Family Summer Holiday

The Sky

Imagine it…this is just a small snapshot, with no photoshop adjustment and it’s what the entire sky looked like EVERY DAY…feel the heat…ahh distant memories already.

Barcelona has a great metro system (and the trains are air conditioned.) Anyway, I was greatly inspired by the doors to go in…I’m not sure if this vid shows it, but they do a little dance…well they do a little movement that has inspired my latest dance routine. I haven’t filmed that yet though.
Yoshi Sislay at Vinçon

I’m not a fan of exhibiting illustration in galleries, but I thought this was really successful. And I loved the work by Yoshi Sislay This was on show at La Sala Vinçon a space upstairs at the amazing design shop Vinçon You can just see “a Gaudi” on the right. This photo doesn’t do justice to the queues to get into the Gaudi though. So if you happen to visit and aren’t in the mood for a good queue let me recommend a visit to Vinçon instead!

Vinçon Barcelona
Vinçon, Barcelona

Dec 09 – Jan 10 Our Holiday in India

John, Sally and I decided to keep a family journal while we were away and here are some extracts from it.
Some of the drawings included here are from a little sketchbook I also took along that 
Dan Berry gave me to fill as part of a project. He has sent out 140 all around the world and is now waiting for them to return full.
SO ANYWAY…off we set, haversacks, moneybelts etc

Wording on an advert….

We went to “The Rat Temple”, at Deshnoke, near Bikaner, Rajasthan.
Then we sat and watched the pigeon laps around the temple….I’ve added a comentary here you can just hear.

Sunrise on the River Ganges, Varanasi
Evening ritual on the River Ganges, Varanasi…
On Christmas Day we played the drawing game….you take it in turns to say what to draw and all draw it and compare….

The reverse of a business card we found…..
Bikaner, Rajasthan
A newspaper feature
A ride in a tuk-tuk