Pill dispenser design

My smart sister Roz Streeten designed this ACE pill dispenser for our dad because he couldn’t remember to take his daily pill and didn’t have the strength to negotiate the stupid and badly designed blister pack things provided, (sorry if you designed them). So we phone him on the date that matches the number, and he picks off the pill and swallows…result. Ok, you say, what about the dust? Yes, that’s a consideration…dust or heart attack, or whatever the medication prevents?

pill dispenser

And by the way… if you’re looking for a present for those animal lovers you know…check out Rosie Flo’s new pop up pets.


Look at this! British Ceramics Biennial

Stoke-on-Trent is the home to the now empty Spode factory. It was once the heart of the British ceramic manufacturing industry and driving through the rather forlorn centre the brown signs to Emma Bridgewater and Wedgewood catch the eye. We followed the brown signs to the ‘Cultural Quarter’ and arrived at….Debenhams.

Spode was one of the two largest potteries in Staffordshire and the huge, factory is currently host to the third British Ceramics Biennial. In 2008, the factory was closed. The workers were ushered from the factory, leaving their belongings behind. The contents of the factory were left.

epps brick

The vast China Hall was the central focus of the Biennial. Here, in the Ibstock Brick Pavilion, artist Lawrence Epps‘ office workers made into brick blocks were stacked for the audience to take. The pile was depleted, echoing the historical decimation of the British manufacturing potteries industry so pertinent to the site. Epps was filming the activity.

We were visiting to see Topographies of the Obsolete: Vociferous Void which was  in a separate part of the Spode site. It is a site-specific research project, a collaboration between partner universities and institutions in Denmark, Germany and the UK and included the work of fellow post methodist artist, Danica Maier.

British Ceramics Biennial
Stoke-on-Trent, England
28 Sept until 10 Nov 2013

Look at this! Sugru

Sugru is this exciting rubber product for “fixing, modifying and improving your stuff”.  Every time more of our stuff falls to bits, I get ready to sugru. Mostly though, the things in my life that need fixing are the car and the plumbing. My income could do with improving…non of these are mentioned on the packet…which is a shame.


Finally the perfect job appeared…here’s the state of my cooker knobs, BEFORE…


The one on the right needed replacing but the left one just begged a little facelift and something to replace the rubbed out writing.
So…ta dah…the sugrued oven knob….AFTER…


Look at this! Artist / writer retreat


 Do you need space to think in? From October 2013 this completely self contained studio live/work space will be available for you to rent for a minimum of 3 days. A converted Methodist Sunday school set in a quiet Lincolnshire village, it’s the ideal retreat….read more and book online via airbnb

Look at this! Jane Cox Ceramics

I am a long time fan of London based Jane Cox ceramics and the proud owner of her signature design on a fruit bowl and vase.

jane fruit

They are very strictly in the list of objects not allowed to be touched by anyone but me in our home, yet still a part of our everyday life. An important quality of her work is that they are functional as well as stylish.jane cox 3

I was so pleased to receive this new jug addition to add to my collection and love the elegance of this recent work. The forthcoming events page on her website lists where you will be able to see her work exhibited and for sale, including Ceramics in the City 2013 at the Geffrye Museum, London 20-22 September 2013