I am anthropologist-turned-illustrator and author of award winning graphic memoir, Billy, Me & You (2011 Myriad Editions). I co-founded the international forum Laydeez do Comics in 2009. I have  a PhD from the University of Sussex on A Cultural History of Feminist Cartoons and Comics in Britain from 1970 to 2010. I co-edited  The Inking Woman (2018 Myriad Editions) 250 years of women cartoons in Britain, which will be launched in March 2018. Since 2014 I have lectured on the BA Illustration and Animation courses at Kingston University and London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London and in Cultural Studies in the Media, Film and Music department at the University of Sussex.

I live in a converted Methodist chapel in Lincolnshire. It’s available to rent and sleeps 8, bookable via air bnb see below.

Unique Designer Chapel Conversion


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