Look at this! Sequential app: Top picks for September

imagesSEQUENTIAL is a FREE to download app for ipads only, especially developed by Panel Nine who publish graphic novels and comics in digital form. So basically, it’s a shop where you can buy graphic novels and comics formatted for your ipad…the free bit is entering the shop and being allowed to look at some pages of the books. I was very pleased with how Billy, Me & You works on the ipad AND pleased… with only a couple of days to go, to discover that it is in the ‘Top picks for September’ on Sequential’s front page or ‘shop front’ – thank you for that Sequential. It’s definitely worth downloading…if you have an ipad…here is the direct link to the itunes App store And you can also get there by linking from Sequential’s twitter account @SEQUENTIAL_app

UnknownAnd don’t forget, if you haven’t read Billy, Me & You yet, you probably should! The old fashioned book form is available from amazon…here’s the link

Look at this! John Plowman

In 2010, John made new work for Beacon Art Project’s exhibition Profusion at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire. It was made for the saw pit in the grounds of Calke Abbey. The texts were collected over years from snippets John heard on the radio or read whilst working in his studio. Jumbled up in the saw pit it was a bit like the inside or our heads, where ideas we’ve come across compete with one another.

John Plowman tpdgbttm, 2010
After de-installation, the wooden texts were left, like ideas are left in our brains, to breath and flourish. Recently, John developed the work, now exhibited outside the Chapel in Wellingore. The wooden planks and texts – weathered, cut and re-positioned, have merged and connected to one another, the way ideas should, to form a new narrative and meaning.