Look at this! Comic Nurse

I never know what to put on my studio walls, so I leave them bare. But when the talented Chicago based artist MK Czerwiec aka Comic Nurse visited the UK earlier this year, she kindly presented me with an illustration of hers I’d admired.  What a perfect  piece to have on my wall. This is from her blog post “Inspired”. Her site and blog are worth a visit to see all the wonderful stuff she does…she is a dynamo and an inspiration.


Look at this! Sugru

Sugru is this exciting rubber product for “fixing, modifying and improving your stuff”.  Every time more of our stuff falls to bits, I get ready to sugru. Mostly though, the things in my life that need fixing are the car and the plumbing. My income could do with improving…non of these are mentioned on the packet…which is a shame.


Finally the perfect job appeared…here’s the state of my cooker knobs, BEFORE…


The one on the right needed replacing but the left one just begged a little facelift and something to replace the rubbed out writing.
So…ta dah…the sugrued oven knob….AFTER…


Look at this! Simon Faithfull

We are big fans of artist Simon Faithfull and have a copy of his limited edition book, King’s Cross: A Pictorial Guide (unreliable) 2012 Ditto Press

sf1It is a charming and beautifully designed walk around King’s Cross, combining historical details of the area with Simon’s own historical details.


The grandness of the statues and buildings identified is juxtaposed with Simon’s idiosyncratic personal anecdotes, such as falling of a bicycle drunk and knocking his tooth out, bringing the geography and narrative of the walk alive. Each page features Simon’s drawings.


Published to accompany Simon Faithfull’s artist’s walk of King’s Cross, April 29th 2012 and available from Camden Arts Centre