Look at this! Jane Cox Ceramics

I am a long time fan of London based Jane Cox ceramics and the proud owner of her signature design on a fruit bowl and vase.

jane fruit

They are very strictly in the list of objects not allowed to be touched by anyone but me in our home, yet still a part of our everyday life. An important quality of her work is that they are functional as well as stylish.jane cox 3

I was so pleased to receive this new jug addition to add to my collection and love the elegance of this recent work. The forthcoming events page on her website lists where you will be able to see her work exhibited and for sale, including Ceramics in the City 2013 at the Geffrye Museum, London 20-22 September 2013


Look at this! Paper Boat Studios

Paper Boat Studios is a collaboration between friends with a love of letterpress. They have studios in St Louis and Seattle and produce paper based delights such as books, calendars and games. I received their Chevron Coasters as a gift and they have been on my desk, fulfilling the role of executive toy.

coasters 1

Every now and then I take them out and just admire them.
coaster 4Coasters are curious things aren’t they, I think they must come in the section with antimacassars and doillies. Slightly pointless, often ugly and when they’re beautiful (like these ones) they’re too good to use for what they’re intended.

No way is my spilling glass of g+t going on these pretties. I’m not sure if my photo can capture the tactile quality, which makes them perfect for taking out of their box and feeling. Their website has a list of stockists in the US.
coaster detail

Look at this! Rosie Flo Pool Party

My talented sister Roz Streeten and her husband Steve Kamlish produce the Rosie Flo colouring books. Over the past few years they have expanded their range to include all sorts of lovely things to fill up family time creatively. I was delighted to receive the latest addition which is the wonderful “Pool Party”.


This is the perfect activity gift for a child or family of any age. Our 84 year old dad has enjoyed many an hour of colouring in. It offers all round engagement for a range of skills.



The added bonus that in this hot weather you can say, “shall we get the pool out” and you don’t have to go near a hose. They now have an online shop where you can order direct http://shop.rosieflo.co.uk/