Advance copies of ‘Billy, Me & You’

Great excitement on hearing that the advance copies of my graphic novel, Billy, Me & You have arrived at the publisher, Myriad’s office in Brighton, freshly shipped from the printers in Hong Kong. This was nicely timed with an arrival of a box of wine sent to me by my bank as an apology for failing to send me a new bank card on time…which is the oddest thing ever and will be added to my list of achievements for this year. Anyway… celebration time!


4 comments on “Advance copies of ‘Billy, Me & You’

  1. Very exciting (the books, not the wine – the latter is just plain weird!). You happy for some pictures to be taken at your launch party in October? Myriad have invited me along and I work nearby so, well, I thought I'd turn up if that is OK with you?

  2. Hi Nicola,I just found out about your book via Forbidden planet.It looks like an interesting and important book, so I will get it.I'm a comic book writer myself with a bunch of stuff published (in fact I've had contact with Myriad before). So please check out my blog too sometime.Best wishes,Sean

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