‘THE WHEELIE THING’ Kitchen Design Must-Have!

For some years I’ve had problems with our collection of spices, They’re stuffed in a cupboard and I can’t ever find the ones I need. I hanker after a spice rack, but know too well the style police won’t allow such a sin, even ironically. Over the Christmas hols, John knocked up this utterly brilliant “Wheelie Thing” which also holds our cleaning stuff too. 

The Wheelie Thing ©John Plowman 2010

Like many things in our home, it’s recycled from materials John has used in previous art installations. The Wheelie Thing is adapted from  ‘Twilight Shift’ Shillam + Smith3, London  2005 
See how easy it is for me to identify the spice I need
You want one? Bespoke…it will wow your friends and improve the quality of your life in the kitchen. Quickly view it in action below and then drop me an email to find out about commissioning one!

The Wheelie Thing in action

John is currently showing work in an exhibition in Nottingham, Not Ready Yet which runs until 6 Feb
 Moments of Privacy, curated by John, (in which my work is exhibited as well as John’s and Sally’s) continues at The Usher Gallery, Lincoln until 6 March…see my December blog post for more on that.

Photos and Film: Sally

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