"The Moment of Privacy has Passed" at The Usher Gallery

This is one fine exhibition …

Sketchbooks by Contemporary Artists, Architects and Designers
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln 
11 December 2010 – 6 March 2011

This is the newly built entrance to the Usher Gallery. Its opening coincided with a rehang of the museum’s collection. We stumbled over packed ice on the ground through sub zero temperatures to arrive at the opening of The Moment of Privacy has Passed on 10 December 2010. An exhibition curated by our very own John Plowman. A pipe had burst the previous week at The Usher Gallery and although repaired in time for the opening, the building hadn’t quite warmed up.

As you enter the exhibition, this is what you see, the ‘library zone’ including over 200 sketchbooks on loan from contemporary

artists, architects, designers and makers.  Artist Gwen Tooke has made a performative piece of work, creating a categorisation of the sketchbooks. She will be present during the exhibition. Here is Maggie Warren, the Community Engagement Officer surveying the exhibits before the public came in.

The idea is that the audience can look through the sketchbooks in the library secion and we enjoyed doing this. Sketchbooks have been loaned from around the world, including America and Spain and there was a rich variety of styles to enjoy. I came across one dated 1955.
The exhibition incorporates the conventional modes of display of the cabinet too
Above are sketchbooks by artist Sarah Lightman.
This cabinet included a sketchbook by artist Grayson Perry 
And artist Rebecca Scott 
There was also a cabinet displaying historical works from the museum collection.
John curated the whole family into the exhibition, Here’s the cabinet with my sketchbook, bottom image, officially our family travel journal from our India trip last Christmas, blog entry Feb 2010 Our daughter Sally Plowman’s sketchbook is the concertina one exhibited at a diagonal above mine. It’s a really nice little sketchbook from China. Sally has been making watercolours in it when we go on holiday. The first one was done in Venice in 2005 when she was eight years old. It’s become a really lovely object.
Above is John Plowman’s sketchbook.

Two of my favourites are by illustrators, Dan Berry, above and Tom Gauld, below. Their illustrations are also included in the digital projections in the adjoining room. One of Simon Faithfull’s palm pilots is also displayed in there. Illustrator Jane Hienrichs‘ sketchbook is under Tom Gauld’s. 

Jane had braved the temperamental train service from London to attend the opening, here we are together, Jane on the left.

There was alot to see and enjoy and I heard a number of people saying they will come back, I certainly will. Also there’s an Usher Gallery app which has been created and is just awaiting approval from Apple. As the exhibition continues, there are plans to host it on line and include exhbitors’ biogs. I hope so.

photos by Sally 

2 comments on “"The Moment of Privacy has Passed" at The Usher Gallery

  1. Hi there – I'm writing an article about art in the area and I wanted to cite this exhibition which I found particularly enthralling – would you mind if I used a picture to go alongside the article in our community magazine?Zoeintouchmagazines@googlemail.com

  2. Hi Zoe,You are welcome to, that would be great, let me know how I can see the article. Could you credit the photo: Sally PlowmanAlso it's short notice, but you may be interested in coming along to tonight's Beacon event in Wellingore, (Fri 22 July) 7pm prompt, it starts with a guided walk. I think you may find it interesting. Have a look at the website http://www.beaconartproject.org Nicola

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