MARCH 2010

We had a good ‘research trip’ to Crufts…

…and here are some people running around in circles
with Chinese Crested dogs on leads….

Then we did Spring Clean….I started with my studio
….so here’s before…

and after…..can you spot the inspiration????

that’s right…swiss miss I’m just like her now…
We also tarted up the “library” which is what
pretentious people call their tv rooms.
Behind this bookcase we found a nest where
an escaped hamster lived for a month or so
before it turned up behind the fridge…
that was about four years ago.

3 comments on “MARCH 2010

  1. Yes, we spent this morning re-baking the cake my friend made for her son's first birthday, which the dog sneakily ate…sorry that's MY dog!We were all furious…great material though! xx

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