Fermynwoods Seminar 12th Oct

We went down to the Seminar Day at Fermynwoods
Monday 12 October 10am-4pm
Artists speaking about their work in response to place

Main speaker: Richard Wentworth; with John Plowman, director of Beacon; Martin Prothero and Claudia Fährenkemper, artist in residence at Fermynwoods 2009 and X6 artists. Chaired by Craig Staff.

This was an event organised by MA fine art graduates from Northampton University, it was great to meet them all….they call themselves x6 and I hope they come and do something up in Lincolnshire next.

This was the last event to take place in the Fermynwoods gallery, which Ros will now reclaim as her living room. It’s the most fantastic venue in Northamptonshire, we were glad to take Tom Cretney with us as well as Dan Warren.

The star turn was Richard Wentworth. He spoke for about an hour. It was a bit like a performance of a twitter account and was riveting. He started off saying something like, “I’ve been asked to speak about my work, fat chance…” and included subjects like his thoughts on awnings and their design….spiders….he sort of acted out how spiders make their webs….he was completely brilliant.
I found myself scribbling down things he said and when I looked at my notes I read things like, “I like crap” but for goodness sakes it’s a Richard Wentworth quote so I can use in my academic writings!
He produced some other great quotes:
” We are all episodes”
” Art is about expressing an opinion”
“Nominating the world as having value”
“Artists make work based on a hunch and a prayer and a fluke”
It was one of the best talks I have been to,  it was very funny but also thought provoking as is his artwork. It made me reflect on my own talk I have to give in a couple of weeks. It’s so important to keep the audience awake really.
John talked about Beacon and did a good job, although there were a couple of towers he couldn’t remember and looked over at me for help….?! I can barely remember my name. Plus I was having a day off to enjoy the day. It’s interesting to see an overview of the past projects being presented, since I’m of course so familiar with it all I think people will find it a bit dull, but young artists who don’t know the work really like it….which is nice.
We had planned that he would include something about the Postmethodists and the Broadcasters project since we’re about to launch the next project “Expressions of interest” and Danica has now rebuilt the website- have a look!
There was a lot of interest and questions which was great. The whole idea of the way the broadcaster project will work is a slow burn word of mouth style…

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