John, Sally and I spent a long hard day looking at art.
We’d just entered Regent’s Park and a group of students came up to John, saying they were doing some sort of project to photograph 100 of the most stylish people that day…..he was delighted…
Some nice works in the park included this … just because it was a Louise Bourgeois really
but our favorite which we all agreed on was this piece… by Vanessa Billy. It was almost invisible at first having a certain quality of ambiguity. It is from the same gallery as Kelly Large is with: Limoncello
And then we went in…
No sooner inside and John was asked again by fashion students if they could take his photo….. I had no choice but to ask Sally if she could ask me if she could take a photo of me…I was delighted.
Sally’s boredom was alleviated for approx 6 minutes whilst she used this close up from a painting as a background on her phone…
and the chocolate brownies offered her temporary respite
We all three really really liked the work of Thomas Bayrle

And the work of Susan Collis was perfect. What look like paint splatters on a dust sheet are on closer inspection embroidered areas…
and here what look like piles of discarded bits of wood, with peeling paint are embedded with rubies, mother of pearl and garnet..

This below shows mother of pearl in the piece of wood on the right..

so nothing is as it seems..

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