RCA Secrets 2009

I finally got my contributions for this year’s rca secrets postcards done…
This one was based on an image I woke up with one morning

I will send a copy of this one in response to Steve White’s first letter in his “From my home to yours” project

And this is a memory of our trip to Venice earlier this year….as it begins to get darker, colder and greyer at my computer….

2 comments on “RCA Secrets 2009

  1. Funny ol' thing the Art World, innit. Emin's four postcards were such scrawled-and-lacking cack, and yet anyone who had found her name on the back would have heard tills slamming (KA-CHING!) and felt a pure sense of glee.On a what-I'd-like-to-put-on-me-wall criteria, I'd rather have preferred to have your Just Be Nice postcard. Resale value minimal.

  2. Liked JP's entries too. Call me stupidly old-fashioned, but if one is going to pay 40 quid for a postcard (think of all the graphic novels, and novel-novels one could buy for 40 quid!), you kinda want to feel, bar a few exceptions (a Matisse sketch, Picasso) that the artist actually spent more than 10 seconds producing the work.

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