Beacon and Melissa Bliss

We are preparing for the screening of HINTERLAND, artist  Melissa Bliss‘s newly commissioned film, for Beacon Art Project which takes place on Sunday 20 September in Mablethorpe Lincolnshire.
John and I met up with Melissa while she was doing some final filming a couple of weeks ago and now she’s head down editing. It’s going to be a scratch and sniff film made from interviews she did with four residents of Mablethorpe.
The screening will take place at this fantastic 1930’s building, The Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre. It’s one of the oldest charities in Leicestershire and offers holidays to disadvantaged children in the summer. The screening is going to be accompanied by a guided tour of the building, which will be a unique opportunity to look around and learn the history.
And here’s what you see from the path behind the centre which goes directly to the beach … miles and miles of the most beautiful coast.
It should be a really good weekend, the Bathing Beauties Festival is taking place then too.

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