MA Fine Art Show, Lincoln University

I was hugely impressed with the show this year, the work was fantastic and really well presented. Here’s George Hardy’s piece…

and Madelaine Richardson’s work..
Gwen Tooke’s piece was gallery production quality, it was quite overwhelming. Her info exchange had transformed an entire room into…well an info exchange. The detail and precision was phenomenal. She has set up an info exchange stall at Lincoln Market as part of this project.

British Art Show Fringe Meeting

I attended a short talk by Jennie Syson on The British Art Show Fringe 2010. The following is taken from the Nottingham Visual Arts magazine, newsletter and website she has set up 

With the launch of Nottingham Contemporary later in the year, and with the British Art Show launching here in 2010, Nottingham will be under the visual art spotlight more than ever before with many well-known household name artists engaging with Nottingham audiences, and the magazine website will be on hand to see how the city rises to the challenge. 

The British Art Show will take place in October 2010. The British Art Show Fringe will start at the beginning of September and run through until the end of November. It will not be curated and will be an opportunity for artist led groups in Nottingham to do….whatever. Groups from outside Nottingham can also be involved so long as the event takes place in Nottingham.

The meeting was hosted by Moot Gallery and there was a good crowd of people there. Finally there is more Lincolnshire presence…with Amelia there, she, Alan and Anneka are working at full steam  setting up interesting projects. They have three on the go at the moment:

It was good to see Charlie there Charlotte Pratley– Beacon intern and part of Backlit She has a show coming up at Backlit on 22 October and is working hard for that. She was also full of lovely stories from her recent trip to India.

She said she had just got some ‘feet’ implanted into her stomach…
now that sounds useful I thought….

Steve had got a couple done in his neck….

COMICS: Working group for NEW comics festival

I met up with Sarah Lightman to go to the meeting so we had a chance to catch up a bit first. Her show is coming up and I’m really looking forward to seeing her new work. The one day conference on Women in Comics is accompanying her show. It’s all on 25 October. I’m giving a paper there too….on Gender and the Graphic Novel. 

So…on to the Art and Design Gallery on the College Lane campus, University of Hertfordshire

Here’s Sarah trying to imitate this lump of sculpture 
Sarah and I were invited to join the working group for setting up a new comics festival which will take place in April 2010 over several days. It will be a pilot with the aim to make it an annual event. Our friend Danny Graydon is in the group and it was great to see him again.
The UH Arts Manager is Natalie Fountain who has initiated this idea. Here she is giving me a tour of some of the venues we’ll be using.

Here’s the main auditorium.
The exciting outcome of today’s meeting is the name….UniComics because it’s starting at the university but it’s also a reference to the universality of comics. We did more brainstorming. 
Sarah and my involvement is going to be the launching of the Laydeez comics box. An evening of 10 minute presentations by artists involved with graphic novels, Pechar Kuchar style. This would be a good outcome of the presentations taking place at the Laydeez do comics meetings each month.