Laydeez do Comics- August Meeting

We enjoyed the second  inspiring meeting of Laydeez do Comics at the Rag Factory.
This month’s speaker was the artist Kim L. Pace whose show Bad Animals has just finished at the Transition Gallery.  She talked about her work and showed us examples, including an animation she recently produced for her solo exhibition following  the Berwick residency she did. 

She also talked about the curation of  Cult Fiction, a touring Hayward exhibition which took place in 2007-8. I just missed it when it came to Nottingham Castle, but I do have the catalogue which is worth looking at. 

It was a really interesting  contrast to the talk by Sarah McIntyre, since Kim is involved in comics as a fine artist rather than an illustrator. I think that’s the fantastic thing about the graphic novel, it crosses over different practices.

Then she led the discussion of Julie Doucet’s ‘My New York Diary’, which if you haven’t had a chance to read, I recommend.  I’d found it quite disturbing…in a good way.

Following Sarah’s DELICIOUS cookies, which is luckily becoming a fixed tradition, we had Jane Heinrichs’ open space presentation. An illustrator and recent graduate from the Camberwell MA in illustration, we loved her style. 

Then Steve White also an MA graduate from Camberwell, from the Drawing course presented his work. It was quite a contrast showing the different backgrounds, illustration and fine art. There was a great surge of enthusiasm for the ‘letter project’ he is about to start, which invites collaborators. To find out more and get involved, contact him via
or Then a few of us went round to Papadoms for Laydeez do Curry and beer!!

A diary date: The next meeting is Monday 21 September with Rosalind B. Penfold‘s presentation. The book for discussion is Eddie Campbell‘s ‘The Fate of the Artist’ and if you get a chance to read ‘Dragonslippers’ by Rosalind B. Penfold it’s my favourite graphic novel.

Incidentally if anyone is having trouble getting hold of books the first stop should be page 45 in Nottingham, they can send books to you and since most of their customers are women, they have the books we like in stock. And if you’re near enough to go there it’s a wonderful experience and though busy they are always happy to talk graphic novels and recommend. 

One more important Laydeez item developing to bring to your attention….but I’ll post it after a cuppa….

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