Laydeez do Comics- July Meeting

We were pleased with the atmosphere that ran through the first meeting, it had the informality and friendliness we had hoped for, plus a feeling that everyone got some inspiration from it.

The meeting began with a lively illustrated presentation by Sarah McIntyre about her work, including influences and anecdotes about her practice.

We then moved on to discuss Shaun Tan’s work ‘The Arrival’. Sarah had selected pages from the book to project for the benefit of people who had not had a chance to look at it. I had found it really enlightening to have listened beforehand to Alex Fitch’s Panel Borders interview with Shaun Tan also a great interview to read is at

At some point during the presentation I was aware of a bit of a commotion coming from an adjoining room….

Then I remembered that the Rag Factory predominantly offers rehearsal spaces for actors….phew…

We took a break to demolish Sarah’s amazing home made cookies…look through books brought in and chat. Then by way of introducing the concept of the 10 minute open space slot, Sarah and I kicked off with strict 10 minute presentations each about our work.

I found it really useful to gauge reaction to the graphic novel I’m working on which is the story of how I made sense of the world after the death of my little boy.

It was great to see Sarah’s work and hear her speak about her arrival at what she is doing now. The graphic novel she is working on is diary-based about relationships and family and the torments involved.

For future meetings we will leave time for feedback for the open space slots, we were both a bit nervous and running late, so didn’t invite that enough….and it would have been beneficial. We hope that people will take advantage of the slots, we can fit in up to three per meeting, so if anyone’s interested please get in touch.

Attendees included:  Sarah McIntyre, Danica Maier, Rosie West, Genista Toland, Poppy Toland, Alex Fitch, Marcia Mihotich, Ed Ilya, John Aggs, Gary Northfield, Steve White, Angele Jack, Tim Mannveille, Clare Huxley, Viviane Schwarz, Raphael, Pamela Brabants, Nicola Streeten, Sarah Lightman.

We’re looking forward to the next meeting: Monday August 24th  with Kim Pace coming to talk, and Jane Heinrich and Steve White in the Open Space slots…and the book we will be discussing is Julie Doucet’s ‘My New York Diary’

Everyone welcome…details at

Following the meeting some of us went to the curry house around the corner…and finally, full of lager I rushed off to catch the last train back to the middle of nowhere where I live….my main relief was that there had been no technical hitches during the evening, but I was relieved too soon… As the beer took its toll….


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