Rosie Flo’s NEW Colouring Posters

We were delighted to receive in the post the new hot off the press genius from Roz, Steve and the house of Rosie Flo The colouring books are perfect, if you EVER need a gift for a child or need to curb your own child’s boredom. And here’s the perfect compliment, a poster which folds down to a large greeting card size. As always what distinguishes their products is the quality of design. Beautiful !

We loved Johnny Joe’s tree house
and this is great too
and where are the people you may ask? Yup, still missing…that’s the point…use your imagination and draw them yourself.


2 comments on “Rosie Flo’s NEW Colouring Posters

  1. These were a huge hit with a friend's child- 2 books as a gift, She is in love. They are tempting to adults as well, just charming- I am glad to see they are around and about- I ordered mine from Bloomsbury with a delay in shipping. thanks, G

  2. They are absolutely brilliant. What I just love is the way the children create the characters instead of having them imposed. I just spent the day with a group of 12 and 13 year old girls who spent the afternoon on one page….so it was good they can drag themselves away from their screens. Even my 81 year old dad does the odd page!

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