Friday 17 July

I went to to spend the night with Christina and John in Todmorden.

I was delighted to see some of the wierd and wonderful objects Christina has been collecting as part of her art practice…. 
Here’s Jesus on the cross in a bottle…
and here’s a great snow globe from Dubai
She has several of these, I love them.
Then she told me about seeing Marina Abramovic at the Whitworth Gallery as part of the Manchester International Festival I had seen the video clip with Adrian Searle and was curious to hear what it had been like to be in the audience. 
Christina described the event, how phenomenal it was to be in a museum completely emptied of its usual collection.  They were directed, it was a little like a class. Some of  the activities made me cringe just hearing about them, for example, they had to stare into someone’s eyes for five minutes (who they didn’t know).  She talked about the three naked women performers, (as shown on the video) and said the woman on the stairs was particularly good. We wondered why there were only naked women in the event.

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