Richard Long at Tate Britain

Monday 13 July 09
I met up with my Toland cousins  to see the Richard Long exhibition at Tate Britain
which was a good continuation from reading the Haruki Murakami book where running meets writing….because Richard Long’s walking becomes his art or ‘feeds’ his art.
It was amazing to see this exhibition in a great big ‘establishment’ gallery of a man whose work was considered inappropriate for art school just a few decades ago. 
Yet there’s a whole generation of  artists making work inspired by his now; the work with maps, the work with ephemeral interventions in nature.
I wondered whether it needed an exhibition or was sufficient as a book, but what you don’t see in the books is his hand lettering underneath each photo.
I liked the room full of sculptural pieces too and reflecting on how a different context or manifestation (photo or film, framed or in a book) can change a work.
The Richard Long website is good:

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