La Nouvelle Bande Dessinee: Emile Bravo & Emmanuel Guibert, ICA London

Saturday 20 June 09

Both talks were great, the speakers charming.
Here are some of the things that Emile Bravo talked about which I thought were perfect:
He draws for the story, not the drawings and feels stories are for everybody, for all the family.
When he was growing up he had no interest in superheroes, his interest was (and is) in humanity and ‘crushing egos’……”To get a conscience yourself you have to live a trauma”

Specifically speaking about “My Mommy”
The work was a collaboration with co-writer and friend since he was 17 years old, Jean Regnaud. It is the true story of the death of Jean’s mother when Jean was a child. Jean knew what every picture should be and Emile’s intention was that the illustration should support the text, rather than simply illustrate it.

He said if you are going to take one hour of someone’s time, while they read your book, you have a responsibility to give them something worthwhile.

I had a really delightful train journey home later reading “My Mommy” it was utterly charming, sad funny and beautiful…..Emile Bravo definitely gave me something worthwhile in the hour.

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