Mmmm…Here’s a ‘White Chocolate & Lime Cheesecake’ with Raspberries Sally made…how lush. Sally’s launched her new good stuff blog
This recipe was taken From the ‘Books for Cooks number six’ done by Books for Cooks who recently commissioned me to illustrate an updated version of their ‘Food Finds in Notting Hill’ postcards.

Rosie Flo’s NEW Colouring Posters

We were delighted to receive in the post the new hot off the press genius from Roz, Steve and the house of Rosie Flo The colouring books are perfect, if you EVER need a gift for a child or need to curb your own child’s boredom. And here’s the perfect compliment, a poster which folds down to a large greeting card size. As always what distinguishes their products is the quality of design. Beautiful !

We loved Johnny Joe’s tree house
and this is great too
and where are the people you may ask? Yup, still missing…that’s the point…use your imagination and draw them yourself.

The Alternative Press Festival

The Alternative Press Festival coming up…..29 July – 2 August


Jimi Gherkin and Gareth Brookes (I know Gareth from the early days in his art career when he participated in Beacon’s 2005 project ‘sense of place:place of sense’) have been organising this event for some time, it looks to be brilliant. I can’t wait to see the anthology, what a great idea. Details of the event are on the newly launched website:


Friday 17 July

I went to to spend the night with Christina and John in Todmorden.

I was delighted to see some of the wierd and wonderful objects Christina has been collecting as part of her art practice…. 
Here’s Jesus on the cross in a bottle…
and here’s a great snow globe from Dubai
She has several of these, I love them.
Then she told me about seeing Marina Abramovic at the Whitworth Gallery as part of the Manchester International Festival I had seen the video clip with Adrian Searle and was curious to hear what it had been like to be in the audience. 
Christina described the event, how phenomenal it was to be in a museum completely emptied of its usual collection.  They were directed, it was a little like a class. Some of  the activities made me cringe just hearing about them, for example, they had to stare into someone’s eyes for five minutes (who they didn’t know).  She talked about the three naked women performers, (as shown on the video) and said the woman on the stairs was particularly good. We wondered why there were only naked women in the event.

Dead Flies

11-12 July 09 
We combined the launch of the Broadcaster project with a party for Gerry’s birthday….

There were EIGHT DOGS ! It was like flipping Crufts..
A highlight of the weekend for me was a conversation with Simon…
With not a scrap of shame, I scrabbled around my bedroom looking for dead flies with this internationally acclaimed artist….
His new exhibition is at the BFI until 20 Sept.

Richard Long at Tate Britain

Monday 13 July 09
I met up with my Toland cousins  to see the Richard Long exhibition at Tate Britain
which was a good continuation from reading the Haruki Murakami book where running meets writing….because Richard Long’s walking becomes his art or ‘feeds’ his art.
It was amazing to see this exhibition in a great big ‘establishment’ gallery of a man whose work was considered inappropriate for art school just a few decades ago. 
Yet there’s a whole generation of  artists making work inspired by his now; the work with maps, the work with ephemeral interventions in nature.
I wondered whether it needed an exhibition or was sufficient as a book, but what you don’t see in the books is his hand lettering underneath each photo.
I liked the room full of sculptural pieces too and reflecting on how a different context or manifestation (photo or film, framed or in a book) can change a work.
The Richard Long website is good: